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Kentworthy Management, Inc.

Barbara Powell, President


“Gail is one of the few today that you can count on to get the job done. She will gather the facts, arrange the details and pull the project together on time and on target. Her well-rounded industry background makes her the perfect addition to any resource pool. She is rightfully confident and a pure joy to work with.” 





"I had worked with Gail during her stint with the Consumer Electronics Association and the International CES. I always considered her to be a person with superior knowledge of her field, high integrity and a great work ethic. When I left CEA to become President & CEO of the Computing Technology Industry Association and needed someone to help provide an outside perspective on our major event I immediately turned to Gail.

In the work she did for me she brought all the great attributes she possessed at CEA and more! Gail understood our needs from the get-go and dove right in talking with people, documenting, observing and working with my team. What resulted was one of the most insightful pieces of work I've ever received from a consultant. She nailed it with clear examples and loads of actionable steps for us to take next year.

I can highly recommend Gail and GSR Meeting and Event Management without reservation."


Todd Thibodreaux, President and CEO


Consumer Technology Association

Christine Screnci, Conferences Manager








“Gail and I were colleagues when she was an employee at CEA, but I didn’t really get to know her until the Conference and Event team hired Gail to help us with our annual member meeting. Gail was wonderful to work with – she is not only detail-oriented but she has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she brought to our event. 

Personally, I especially appreciated Gail’s calm nature and her sense of humor. Another attribute about Gail that is undeniable is that she is reliable. Both before and during the event, Gail came through with her deliverable items on time, was accessible to me and exhibited a flexible work style to meet my needs. On-site at the event, Gail was personable and exhibited great customer service skills with our staff, our vendors and our attendees. It was a pleasure working with Gail and I recommend her 100%.” 



“I have had the pleasure of working with Gail Sparks-Riegel for several years now and I am very pleased to endorse and recommend her great work as a true expert and results-oriented individual. Gail and I have worked closely in addressing the needs and concerns of over 2500 exhibitors and 140,000 attendees that participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show, held every year in Las Vegas Nevada. Gail always puts the needs and issues of customers first, and is never prone to inaction. In fact, Gail addresses all issues with a true sense of urgency and real empathy, which have combined to be the hallmark of her reputation. Her vast grasp of logistical issues is admirable; but her ability to put her knowledge to work to solve problems and create tangible results is what sets her apart from others. Her personality is warm and caring and her passion to over- deliver upon expectations has always engendered the highest confidence from me and other executives at the Consumer Electronics Association. Clients who want results from a professional who will get the job done need look no further than Gail Sparks-Riegel.”

International Consumer Electronics Show

Dan Cole, Vice President, Sales and Business Development


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