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  • Coordinate the solicitation and evaluation of proposals, providing informed recommendations. Facilitate site selection processes and engage in contract negotiations to ensure favorable terms.

  • Take charge of budget formulation and maintenance, ensuring fiscal accountability throughout event planning and execution.

  • Facilitate negotiations with hotels and collaborate with housing agencies to secure accommodations efficiently.

  • Collaborate with registration contractors to establish and maintain online platforms for attendee and exhibitor registration.

  • Design and maintain detailed floor plans for exhibit halls and meeting rooms to optimize space utilization.

  • Craft comprehensive exhibitor manuals and prospectuses to guide exhibitors through event participation requirements and opportunities.

  • Oversee all logistical arrangements, including but not limited to food and beverage coordination, audiovisual setups, transportation logistics, security protocols, signage placement, staff accommodations, and coordination of special events.

  • Serve as a central point of contact and liaison between attendees, exhibitors, vendors, and venue management, ensuring seamless communication and coordination throughout the event lifecycle.


  • Conduct a thorough review of invoices and deliver comprehensive accounting reports detailing final billing information.

  • Formulate a post-show survey tailored to gather feedback from event participants, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in capturing insightful responses.

  • Analyze post-show survey data meticulously, synthesizing results to identify key areas for enhancement and growth, thereby facilitating continuous improvement strategies.


  • Supervise the coordination of setup and tear-down logistics, encompassing staff areas and operational offices, to guarantee smooth execution throughout all phases of the event.

  • Monitor vendor performance closely to ensure adherence to agreed-upon deliverables and timelines, maintaining a proactive approach to resolve any deviations promptly.

  • Enforce regulatory compliance and adherence to established rules and guidelines to maintain order and uphold the integrity of the event environment.

  • Serve as a central point of contact and intermediary between attendees, exhibitors, vendors, and venue management, fostering effective communication and collaboration to address concerns and optimize operational efficiency.


  • Analyze your event strengths and weaknesses with a detailed report. 

  • Database management. 

  • Marketing support. 

  • Research and analysis. 

  • Floor Management.


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